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For access to the B.Direct customer portal, contact your Customer Account Manager or call this toll free number and ask about it today.

1 (800) 533-0475
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Smarter business decisions are made with better information.  That’s why Brown has developed the B.Direct Customer Portal to give publishers access to real time production, inventory, and distribution information anytime, anywhere.  With one click you can access work in progress, finished product inventory, paper inventory, and distribution tracking including bulk shipments, co-mail, and drop-shipping.  Exportable comprehensive reports makes it easier than ever to track and analyze information.

Customer Portal Features

  • Collaborate with different contacts at an organization who all access a centralized repository of real-time information
  • View dynamic reporting and receive automated e-mails for  reports as they are released
  • Access the portal 24/7 through any standard  web browser
  • Export graphical tracking and inventory reports
  • Manage your information and delegate responsibilities to other users

Find out how you can drive better business decisions with Brown’s B.Direct Customer Portal.  Contact us today.

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