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Simplify your page management process with Brown’s B.Direct PageManager solution. Upload, review, and approve your print ready files in real time through and user friendly, intuitive interface that makes the file management process easy and seamless.

Whether your publication follows a standard production cycle or has a unique workflow, B.Direct PageManager allows all project stakeholders real-time access to file information from the convenience of a standard web browser. Behind the scenes, B.Direct PageManager performs file management and processing tasks automatically -- importing and preflighting files, creating thumbnails, generating previews and soft proofs, and optimizing files for print-predictable output. Working within the B.Direct environment, all participants share a common virtual workspace in which they can upload, track, review, and approve files in real-time.

B.Direct PageManager Benefits

  • Real-time access to PreMedia production files 24/7
  • Ability to upload files anytime, from anywhere
  • Online content proofing with approval
  • Visual display of layout / inline concerns and versioning
  • Page status for production timeliness

Want to learn how you can simplify the page management process with Brown’s B.Direct PageManager solutions?  Contact us today.

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