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Dist. Directions Archives

Distribution Directions Vol 9 No 39: 5-Day Delivery Bill, Non-Profit Survival, USPS TV Ad, New Magazine Launch Success | Print |  E-mail
Friday, September 30, 2011

5-Day Delivery Bill Not Likely to Pass This Year

Is it possible that Congress will enact a bill this year that would eliminate Saturday mail delivery? According to several postal experts, there are two chances for that occurring in 2011: slim and none. Although a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee approved a bill last week to end Saturday mail delivery, it still needs to advance through the full House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform possibly next month and then be voted on by the House and Senate. Gene Del Polito, the president of the trade group Association for Postal Commerce, believes there is zero chance of five-day mail delivery passing through Congress this year. He thinks there is a 50% chance of it passing in 2012, and a 100% chance of passing in two years. Tony Conway, executive director for the Alliance of Nonprofit Mailers, agrees that the chances of five-day delivery passing this year are not good. The best case is next year, he says, worst case would be two years. Jerry Cerasale, senior vice president of government affairs for the Direct Marketing Association, pegs the chances of five-day delivery passing this year as well below 50%. The only way it passes this year, he says, is if the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction includes it in a package, as the President supports. Cerasale believes Congress will pass five-day delivery in 2012 or 2013.

Source: MultiChannel Merchant

Non-Profit Organizations Fighting to Survive

The DMA has posted a very pointed YouTube clip highlighting the effects of Section 403 of HR 2309 will have on nonprofit mailings. Click here to view it. In a related move, Congress Danny Davis (D-IL), introduced an amendment during the markup of the bill for the full repeal of section 403 which phases in rate increases for Nonprofit Standard Mail and Periodicals until they reach 90% of the regular rate. Since 1951, the rates for nonprofit mail have been set by law below the corresponding commercial rates. Special nonprofit rates have reflected a judgment by Congress that the discounts were a cost-effective way of providing needed public services at lower cost than government would incur.

Source: DMA & ANM

USPS Launches New TV Ad Campaign

On the verge of reporting historic losses, the U.S. Postal Service is launching a new TV advertising campaign designed to slow the migration away from snail mail. Americans watching college football games and news broadcasts in the next several weeks may notice new ads from USPS, long known for its campy messages promoting Priority Mail shipping services. Now, the “If it fits, it ships” campaign will share airtime with two 30-second spots designed to remind customers that paper mail, unlike e-mail, can’t be hacked, and that letter carriers are still providing reliable and safe deliveries to doorsteps. “We’re not trying to be luddites here, we’re not trying to say technology is bad, but the predictions of how fast customers would leave us were overstated,” said Joyce Carrier, USPS’s manager of advertising and media planning. “The switch has been much slower than originally anticipated.” Carrier said every 1 percent decline in overall mail volume equals $300 million in lost revenue. And with further declines anticipated, “We just want to slow it down,” she said.

Source: Washington Post

Numbers Up for New Magazine Launches

At least 219 new titles have appeared on the nation’s stands for the first time in the third quarter of 2011. That is an increase of 33 titles than the 186 new titles that appeared on the stands for the first time in the third quarter of 2010. From the 219 titles, 47 magazines had the intention to publish at least four times a year, leaving the majority of the titles to either an annual frequency or a the ever-so-popular book-a-zines.

Source: Mr. Magazine

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