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Our goal is to get every issue of your publication as deep into the postal system as possible in order to lower your postage costs and save you money. To do this, we have developed industry leading consolidation solutions that combine printed products from all of our manufacturing facilities going to common postal entry points.  This allows your catalogs to penetrate deeper into USPS system, reducing postal costs, tightening delivery windows, and reducing handling so that your publication reaches your readers in better condition and at the lowest possible cost.


Brown’s co-palletization solutions help publishers who do not have access to the mail volume necessary to avoid container charges from the USPS. By combining multiple magazines from multiple publishers across Brown onto full pallets and then utilizing our leading drop-shipping program, we are able to get your publication deeper into USPS system so you can maximize drop-ship discounts while reducing delivery cycle time.

We invite you to contact a sales representative for more information or to request a quote.

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