Xcel Case Study

Xcel Case Study

Watch the Xcel Energy case study video

Jack Johnson, Environmental Coordinator at Brown Printing, discusses the value of participating in the energy efficiency rebate programs offered by Xcel Energy.
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Brown Printing Company strives to be a responsible steward of the environment. In addition to achieving environmental certifications and partnerships, we seek to understand our impact and continue to improve our business practices to create environmentally friendly options for our customers.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Certifications

Environmental Partnerships

Through Brown’s environmental commitments, we have removed over 21 million kWh per year from the power grid, cut natural gas consumption by over 315 million cubic feet per year, and lowered output of VOCs by 38% from 2002-2009. What does this all mean? Our savings are the equivalent of removing over 3,000 cars from the road and powering 2,000 homes for a year.

For more information regarding our environmental certifications, partnerships, and initiatives please visit the links on this page or contact us.

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