Integrated Solutions
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These days, expanding your brand’s reach and seeking new revenue sources is more critical than ever to your competitive edge. That means tapping into cutting-edge avenues for communication, information management and customer interaction. It means finding innovative solutions to drive efficiencies and boost value for your readers and advertisers. It means working with a partner that brings you the commitment, know-how and foresight to help you reach your strategic goals.

From digital editions to ad sales intelligence, mobile solutions to application development, Brown goes beyond the page to bring you smart, cutting-edge integrated tools that help you engage and inspire your readers, at every point of contact.

Ad Sales Intelligence
Arm your sales team with the most up-to-date and relevant ad sales information, analysis and selling tools. This unique and powerful tool helps you target prospects, guide your strategy, and land the sale.
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App Development
Repurpose and leverage your publication’s content across multiple channels. Creating an app is now easier than ever with Brown’s App Development Solutions.
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Digital Editions
Engage your readers and enhance the value of your publication with engaging, rich and interactive digital editions.
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Mobile Engagement
Expand your brand and communications quickly and effectively into the mobile marketplace by driving relevant and engaging messaging, content, and interaction with your readers.
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