Purposefully Selective

Unrestrained access. A commitment to only investing in a handful of truly exceptional companies each year. The Brighton Park approach gives us the unique opportunity to forge real, lasting relationships along a shared journey of success.

A Philosophy Driven by Heart

You matter at Brighton Park Capital. We’re in it for the long run, always prioritizing your company’s needs and best interests. Thriving on reinvention. Driven by agility, patience, humility, and empathy. Brighton Park Capital invests purposefully, builds impactful technologies, and puts exceptional management teams in a position to succeed.

Creating True Value

No two companies are the same. When you work with us, you’ll receive purpose-built value-add capabilities and strategic resources to match your needs and drive success.

Product Innovation

Forge the next stage of your company’s evolution with products, features, and functions that meet market needs and assure success.

Growth and Success

Make an impact with technology that accelerates growth and product development. We lean into machine learning, AI, UI, UX, and mobility to help you get ahead.

Management and Development

Identify and attract top talent for your organization, taking advantage of scaling efficiencies and connecting with an established network to sell and grow.

Reach and Expansion

Expand your global footprint, accessing relationships and perspectives to win and assure customer success while maximizing your return on investment in sales and marketing.

Operational Efficacy

Investigate and take advantage of optimizations and new technologies that drive your business forward with a team who live and breathe process.

Corporate Development

Make us part of your development team and capitalize on competitive assessments, mapping, and tailored growth strategies that take your company’s past, present, and future into account.