It's crucial to have a partner who offers more than just financial support. You need someone who collaborates, shares insights, and contributes to your company's growth. Brighton Park provides a wealth of resources and puts in the effort to help you leverage them.
Yinglian Xie, CEO & Co-Founder

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Mountain View, CA

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Data Analytics

Unsupervised Machine Learning

Online Fraud & Bot Attack Detection / Prevention

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DataVisor is a cloud‐native, ML-based, fraud, risk and financial crime prevention platform for financial services and digital commerce. The platform offers a comprehensive set of tools to allow customers to proactively detect and respond to all areas of digital fraud, detecting and acting on rapidly evolving fraud patterns in real-time.

About the Partnership

Brighton Park Capital dug deep into understanding the market in which Datavisor operates and its intricacies, helping management better understand how to better target and apply their world-class technology capabilities to the needs of different customer-types and fraud challenges, in addition to supporting numerous other strategic initiatives.

2 years

as Gartner’s “Cool Vendor” for Identity Access Management and Fraud Detection


protected accounts worldwide

2 female founders

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Yinglian and Fang have applied their world-class expertise in large scale, real-time, ML systems to build a truly best-in-class fraud and risk platform with broad applicability across financial services. It is built on cutting-edge technology making it a future-proofed platform for customers to combat the ever-growing sophistication and magnitude of these attacks.

Tim Drager

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

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