Post-investment, no one expected an acquisition. When an offer came, it was Brighton Park's expertise that helped us decide to accept it. They recommended top-notch experts, driving us through the process. We couldn't imagine this journey without them.
Heath Wells, CEO & President

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Los Angeles, CA

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Digital Transformation

B2B E-Commerce

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NuORDER is a B2B commerce software platform that enables brands and retailers to streamline the wholesale buying process. NuORDER has built a two-sided network that connects brands and retailers globally, which it further monetizes through payments, marketplace sales, and trade finance.

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Only six months after Brighton Park Capital’s investment, NuORDER received a strategic acquisition offer. We supported the Company throughout the negotiation, due diligence, and sale process, ultimately helping them close the transaction.


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NuORDER had built a leadership position within an emerging category, which initially attracted us to the opportunity. Heath and Olivia are exceptional founders that drove the vision which ultimately led the business to a successful strategic exit.

Kevin Magan

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

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