Brighton Park has the knowledge of the domain, the humility to listen, and a high level of integrity. They are people we respect and enjoy working with who show a willingness to be a true partner and think long-term.
Tareef Kawaf, President

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Boston, MA

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Data Science

Open-Source Software

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Posit (fka RStudio) is an ‘open-core’ data science platform company providing open-source tools and packages for data science in addition to commercial data science tools for enterprise customers.

About the Partnership

From day one, Brighton Park Capital hit the ground running with a plan to build out Posit’s management team and board, partnering with them to navigate corners and challenges.

Used by 90%

of R programmers as a primary code editor


of fortune 100 companies are customers


of open source tools and packages developed and maintained by Posit

Posit not only powers data science and AI initiatives for almost half of the Fortune 100, but makes massive contributions towards the open-source data science community - providing world class capabilities to individual researchers and students around the world, supporting the advancement of science across numerous domains.

Tim Drager

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

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