The team at Brighton Park works really hard and they care a lot, they aren't in the business of trying to financially engineer an outcome. They're actively engaged, invested in my team's talent, and back us up with investments, strategic support, additional access to talent, and insights without micromanaging anything.
Jeff Gartland, CEO

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Relatient is an industry-recognized and award-winning SaaS-based patient scheduling and engagement technology company utilizing an intelligent, data-driven approach to improve patient and provider scheduling and communication. Relatient has been connecting medical providers to their patients with mobile-first, data-driven strategies, and industry-leading technology since 2014 and continues to lead the way in patient scheduling and engagement. Relatient facilitates the appointment scheduling and management of over 50 million unique individuals. Relatient’s Dash platform integrates with over 90 practice management and electronic health systems to deliver an intelligent patient scheduling, communication, and payment experience for both the patient and the provider. Adaptable for healthcare organizations of all sizes, the Dash platform easily accommodates multiple specialties and locations.

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Since investing in Relatient, Brighton Park Capital has collaborated with the company and its board across all aspects of their business, including operational and strategic direction, sales strategies, and product development.


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2024 Best in KLAS

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Relatient sits at an interesting and valuable part of the patient / provider ecosystem, whereby it can lessen the scheduling strain for patients while helping providers increase throughput, lower the operational workload for staff and generate demonstrable ROI. These solutions are applicable in both acute and ambulatory settings, which allows the Company to service a significant swath of the provider market.

Calen Angert

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

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