Mike Gregoire acts as a sounding voice for some of the directional decisions that we need to make or think through. And when it comes to working with him or his team, what I have found most beneficial is the human aspect of it because he understands the day-to-day challenges that our team is going through because he has been in those shoes.
Manish Sood, Founder, Chairman & CEO

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Redwood City, CA

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Data & Application Proliferation

Data Management & Governance

Enterprise Digital Transformation

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Reltio is the leading cloud-native data management platform used to connect and manage customer, product and other operational data. Enterprises use the Reltio 360 customer platform to establish a single source of truth for data and to improve analytics across the organization.

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Brighton Park Capital brings seamless collaboration and directional expertise to the table at Reltio, providing informed points of view on scaling, operations, and opportunity evaluation.


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What stands out for me is how Reltio's leadership has not just embraced but excelled in the era of AI. They've masterfully aligned themselves with the data needs of the AI landscape, which is something I commend them for.

Mike Gregoire

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

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