We are very excited about our new partnership with BPC, which will allow us to accelerate our platform vision and strong business momentum. We look forward to reshaping the way identity security is done in every company, to effectively answer today’s and tomorrow’s cyber threats.
Hed Kovetz, Co-Founder and CEO

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Tel Aviv, Israel

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Cyber Security

Zero Trust Security

Identity Security

AI & Machine Learning

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Silverfort is an identity security software provider, that protects organizations against identity attacks by unifying security controls across all the silos of the enterprise identity infrastructure, both on-prem and in the cloud.

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enterprise customers across North America, Europe & EMEA


best startup to work for in Israel for 2 years in a row


Zero Trust Champion in Microsoft's 2023 Security Excellence Awards

As a theme, we have been quite focused on identity security, given it is the largest and fastest growing threat vector in cyber security today, and the source of most ransomware attacks and high-profile data breaches in recent memory. When we met with the Silverfort team, not only did we find the team to be incredibly impressive but found the solution to be very novel in an otherwise crowded market. We quickly learned from discussions with their customers - particularly large enterprises - that the product had completely changed their approach to identity security - not only filing their many gaps, but bolstering existing controls while significantly reducing the burden of managing many complex identity systems - with most noting it is quickly becoming their foundational platform for identity security.

Tim Drager

Partner, Brighton Park Capital

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