Paul Daversa

Co-Founder & CEO of Daversa Partners

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Paul Daversa joined Brighton Park Capital as a Senior Advisor in April of 2019. Paul is Co-Founder and CEO of Daversa Partners, a high-performance executive search firm. He is well known for assembling highly impactful leadership teams in technology. He covers every function in the "C" suite and is the strategic advantage and advisor for the founders who hire him, at companies including: Twitter, Snapchat, Square, Dropbox, Atlassian, Pure, MongoDB, Gilt, Yelp!, Datastax, Foursquare, Zocdoc, Zendesk, Uber, Dataminr, Lithium, Oscar, and many of the future innovators in the making.

Daversa Partners coined the phrase "Material Impact Executives” a decade ago to describe the pursuit of executives that could create so much value that the cost of not landing them was more than the cost to land them.

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