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Brighton Park Capital is growth equity reimagined. With unique experience and unshakeable empathy, we invest in entrepreneur inspired companies providing innovative and disruptive technology, and build lasting partnerships with the teams behind them. Join us, and our undivided attention is yours.

  • 300+ Combined Years
    Combined Years
    Of Investment & Operational Experience
  • 30 Senior Advisors
    Senior Advisors
    With Collective Experience at over 60 Iconic Brands
  • 13,000+ Staff Members
    Staff Members
    Employed Full-Time at Our Portfolio Companies
  • 53% of Our Portfolio Companies
    of Our Portfolio Companies
    Have an Established Global Presence*

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The portfolio companies and executives presented on this page are examples of those that Brighton Park has collaborated with and are not intended to reflect a comprehensive list of, or a representative sample of, all Brighton Park portfolio companies. The statements on this page by portfolio company executives have been provided with the intention of describing their personal experiences having Brighton Park as an investor in their respective companies. It is important to note that the experiences of other portfolio companies and their executives might vary from those depicted here. There is no assurance that Brighton Park's involvement with other portfolio companies will yield results comparable to the ones shown. Brighton Park did not offer any form of direct compensation to these executives for the provision of these statements. Such executives receive ordinary course compensation from their relevant portfolio companies, some of which are controlled by Brighton Park, and may have other relationships with Brighton Park (including investments in Brighton Park or its affiliated funds). There may be certain inherent conflicts of interest relating to these executives because they are employed by Brighton Park's portfolio companies and receive benefits and compensation in connection with such employment.

* Unless otherwise noted, figures provided on this site are as of January 2024. Global presence is defined as BPC portfolio companies that are either (1) domiciled outside the U.S., (2) at least one-third of ARR is earned outside the U.S., or (3) a significant amount of business lines or employees are domiciled outside the U.S..